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Security, privacy and data protection

Strategic Data has a long history of dealing with highly confidential data and maintaining it in a manner to ensure confidentiality is not compromised.

Secure policy and procedures

Strategic Data has implemented and maintains policy and procedure consistent with certification at the PROTECTED level of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

Secure hosting

Strategic Data’s PROTECTED network comprises a secure server room in the Fitzroy premises connected via a VPN tunnel to an additional server area in a commercial processing centre in South Melbourne (Datacom). At all times this is guarded with video-monitored access to server areas, manned access control, server monitoring, and redundant Internet connectivity and power supply.

Physical security

Our office is equipped with fingerprint activated access control and an alarm system that is monitored at all times. We also have secure storage capacity that is locked with an isolated alarm zone and video-monitored access for physical documents.

Office electronic security

Our office IT infrastructure is set up with dedicated and redundant ASD-approved firewalls, individual username/password access to files, a network of computers monitored by our IT Infrastructure team and the capacity to use secure certificates for encrypted transmission of data.

Handling of confidential data

Most of Strategic Data’s employees have a long-standing relationship with the company, and all have signed confidentiality agreements and undergone AFP police checks. Our three directors have managed highly sensitive data for many years. Staff members with access to PROTECTED classified data undergo vetting by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency.


The application stack is hosted on redundant hardware within a dedicated data centre (Datacom) providing redundant power, cooling, and networking.

Disaster Recovery

Strategic Data maintains a disaster recovery (DR) plan with a staged response depending on the severity and duration of the incident.