What We Do

Strategic Planning and Solution Delivery Process Strategic Data provides end-to-end data collection and management services. We work with clients to conceptualise, design and implement solutions.

Strategic planning

Our approach to strategic planning has two stages:

1. Define the problem

Accurately identifying your data requirements is the first vital step in any change or improvement project.

Development projects: We partner with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your issues, and determine a solution approach that best fits your needs.

Existing processes: We identify opportunities to refine and improve your existing data processes, including re-platforming, and developing online and mobile solutions.

2. Define the solution

Once the opportunity has been identified, we articulate and prioritise steps towards the ideal, creating a strategic plan that takes into account your organisational plans, market conditions, budgets, and emerging technologies.

Solution delivery

With the strategic work complete, skilled members of the Strategic Data team lead the 3-stage project implementation process.

1. Build phase

We utilise agile and iterative development processes to ensure that our technical team builds solutions that work. We manage project implementation and liaise regularly with your business and technical staff to make sure we’re on track for the whole ride.

2. Hosting

Because we host the client solutions we develop, we take great care to ensure everything is built with best-practice quality and efficiency. Strategic Data believes in real partnerships with our clients; we take responsibility for our work, and the secure systems that house it.

3. Support

Support is more than simply fixing software glitches. At Strategic Data, we monitor the performance of our client solutions and help identify improvements and efficiencies. We stake our business on the quality of our staff, systems and project implementations, ensuring you realise the full potential of your data.