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Development of performance management system

Client: National Australia Bank (NAB)

Deliverable: Self-managed performance management tool


The National Australia Bank conducts 180-degree performance management surveys with more than 40,000 staff members. These surveys include core questions in addition to questions tailored to specific staff groups.

Existing tools were time-consuming, cumbersome to use, relatively difficult to analyse, and did not offer the flexibility required. Further, NAB required a high level of security compliance due to the nature of their industry.


NAB Survey Toolkit

Strategic Data developed a self-managed performance tool that enables NAB to build and deploy multiple 180-degree surveys, adding specific survey items for their business groups in Australia and overseas.

The system allows managers and administrators to add and invite respondents, monitor the response rates and download the survey data in a consistent format.

An automated ‘gap report’ that shows the individual’s responses compared with their manager’s responses is sent to managers at the completion of the survey.

The design of the toolkit evolved as the client’s understanding of its requirements also evolved and required thorough consultation and some custom development to fit with NAB’s changing needs.


NAB Survey Toolkit is a robust, end-to-end tool with sufficient flexibility to fulfil the client’s changing requirements over time. The NAB team are extremely satisfied with their new system.

The tool is used by stakeholders within the organisation to build and deploy surveys to the staff groups across the organisation. It’s completely self-managed, providing stakeholders with flexibility around survey content and timing.